The MST European Conference 2018 was a great success. 

5 June 2018


Thank you MST Sweden and special thanks to Emma for organizing this event.

More than 250 MST participants from 12 countries joined the conference: Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland and the USA.

Congratulations to all 27 Europeans receiving the ‘MST Whatever it Takes award’ in 2017 Q4 and 2018 Q1.
These awards are given to people in the MST community who have been nominated for demonstrating outstanding and meritorious service:

‘whatever it takes’ winners:

Ibrahim Jah, Simone Fox, Anders Öhman, Elisabeth Erkstam, Katie Taylor, Jacquie Jones, Thomas Thuresson, , Nina Tollefsen, Leeds East and Leeds South, Rachel Tungate, Jo Leunissen, Femke Kuijpers, Mai Fransen, Trine Gaardsøe, Emma Canova, Dr Philip Reynolds, Garry Blackburn, Emma Carlsson, Susan Walker, Linnea Nyström, Teresia Rosén(2 awards), Natalie Wilmot, Leif Møller, Emma Ulfsdotter Ljunggren (2 awards), Cathy James, Zoe Ashmore, Vicky Thakordas-Desai.

‘All Star’ quarterly winners:

Thomas Thuresson, Emma Ulfsdotter Ljunggren, Susan Walker and Dr Philip Reynolds for winning the ‘MST All Star Award’ 2017 Annual Supervisor WIT award: Barbara Weil.

Adherence awards:

Recognized as top performers in their ability to implement the MST treatment model with adherence. Worthy of recognition and we are honored to present this award to Therapists: Lars Tangevold-Norway, Sarah Lichtenberger-Switzerland and to MST team: Aargau Ost team -Switzerland and team Supervisore Matthias Baumann.