MST Services nomineert Marketeer MST-Nederland/België voor de ‘Whatever it takes’ award.

12 September 2018

Every Wednesday, we feature someone who was nominated for a Whatever It Takes award. The next one could be you! Read on to find out why Lidewy Ammerlaan was nominated.

“Lidewy’s willingness to go above and beyond to share her marketing knowledge in this cutting-edge domain is exactly the whatever it takes kind of work we need.

Over the past year, Lidewy has taken on multiple responsibilities and job tasks. She is responsible for the NP marketing and communication and has been an outstanding asset to the MST International Social Content Marketing Group.

She has created resources, supports MST teams in The Netherlands and Belgium and created an exciting atmosphere for participants through social media at the European conference. She also did an excellent job with Ben (UK) to deliver the European marketing workshop and to develop the “MST Marketing Do-loop”. The evaluations were very positive.

Last year she also jumped right into organizing trainings, putting together materials, managing schedules, and organizing expert travel when her colleague suddenly became ill. She has done all these things while still managing her marketing tasks and even giving her first workshop at our nation “12,5 years MT in the Netherlands/Belgium” celebration day!

Lidewy is very much a whatever it takes person and the whole team appreciates her very much.”